Feature-Request: MPOS to QuickBooks for Desktop and online for the same store


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    Brian Luczywo (owner5566

    The Autymate system already seems to largely have the infrastructure in place for this.  According to Azaz, the files are downloaded via the custom UPS FRS integrations and they are clearly resident in Autymate's ecosystem as they can be "retried" - so the issue is not one of storage.

    Furthermore, if 2 connections exist (QBO and QBD) there is a double set of autymations (as is logical).

    According to Azaz the presence of a file triggers a run of the autymation by that specific file and the file is then marked process.  If that is true, then only the first autymation (QBD or QBO) that attempts to use the file will succeed and the other will fail.

    However, it seems more logical for the workflow to be thus:
    - download files
    - do any files exist for this customer (store)?
    - if so run all autymations for store
    - each autymation (QBD or QBO) marks file as processed FOR THAT AUTYMATION


    I'm not sure why logically this wouldn't already be the workflow in software design, and it may be - I am running an experiment to see and will report back the results in this thread.

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